26/Sept/2017 11:40AM - Did nothing exciting yesterday
24/Sept/2017 11:39PM - Yawn~* Dreams and homework...

Heres some stuff I have been wanting to learn for a while:

  • Japanese
  • Supercollider+Ardour & piano
  • drawing - andrew loomis
  • programming - art of exploitation book
  • micro electronics and IC reverse engineering
  • software defined radio hacking (IMSI catchers, unlocking cars, etc.)

I also found this cool site http://wellby.dyndns.org/dnl/index.php?dir=

24/Sept/2017 10:57PM - Got old ppc gentoo live cd working, PS3 RLOD, & I bought a new ps3 with intact warranty seal

sorry for the short delay in updates today I got a live cd of gentoo specifically designed for ps3 from this super cool chinese site which has a really nice aesthetic: http://ftp.isu.edu.tw/pub/Linux/Gentoo/experimental/ppc64/livecd/ and it actually booted unlike the ppc isos I downloaded off of the gentoo website.
sadly the first gen I bought died while installing gentoo (see! installing gentoo doesn't fix everything!) I went away for a bit and came back to a red blinking light... and there is no hope unless I have a reballing station and find replacement chips (;﹏;) see video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AcEt073Uds but I am keeping it anyway if I ever decide to do some of this: http://www.siliconpr0n.org/wiki/doku.php
after I was done being upset I immediately looked on craigslist for new ps3's after much asking I finally found one! with warranty seal intact! It looks very dusty inside and should definitely be cleaned out and thermal paste replaced. I wonder if theres any good thermal paste guides I hope it wasnt my last thermal paste job that caused my previous rlod. but I dont think so since there was screws missing, thermal paste squished off the chip and flux all over the board when I first opened it. (sign of a bad reflow... P.S. all reflows are bad) Also before I applied my thermal paste whenever I turned the ps3 on it felt like the plastic was getting all soft and the heat was tremendous. After applying the thermal paste it was cool as the second gen with warranty seal I bought for my brother. Anyways on opening a ps3 without breaking its warranty seal there are two ways i know of :

  • with a heatgun set at 50C and a razor see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHyLsP8KYyg
  • pushing on the front cover till the single piece of plastic inside breaks see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoHcAj_qB5I
23/Sept/2017 6:03PM - Making connections & recieving a ps3 prototype controller

today was awesome first off i was like 5 min late for class and there was a fire at one of the train stations but nvm that. after the lecture my professor introduced me to this game dev who i talked with for a while.
he was interested in this website I was designing that was going to look like an OS with draggable windows and a start button.
I talked with him for a while and then I showed him my teensy ps3 flash tool. He actually thought it was really cool and then said he would give me a dev kit console. He would just give it to me! For free! he then pulled a ps3 pre production controller out of his bag and handed it to me! he told me not to sell it to anyone since sony would buy it and track me down. but why the fuck would I sell something cool like this! Its really cool because when you press the PS button the ps logo lights up as well. (it would be interesting to open up and see how this was done to make modding other controllers easier) I wonder if I can get a bunch of dev kits from him since the ps3 isnt having many games developed for it anymore and turn them into a giant super computer like the US navy did! I should have asked for his email.. I might just bring my teensy flash tool next class and show it to him.

after class I with two different brazilians theres alot of brazilian students in my classes for some reason I wonder why the influx. the first one told me worked in a place where the CEO or something was in prison and they had to encrypt all data and calls in the company to avoid the brazilian intelligence services The second one we talked about various things I got his email I should really send him something... When I got home I learned that this prototype controller doesnt work with PS3s but only with computers. I figured if XBOX controllers can work with ps3s why can't a prototype ps3 controller. I installed the PS3XPAD boot plugin on my PS3 and my prototype controller just worked like magic. Was pretty happy but I still couldnt play PS2 games with the controller i guess no drivers for it. Heres pics of the prototype controller! the prototype controller the back of the prototype controller

22/Sept/2017 11:09 - Time to do the things I said I was going to do on post one
Woke up at 9:00AM today which is pretty late. whatever. Wasted a good portion of today playing vidya on my newly hacked PS3. a-and I cleaned up my room for the other portion.

21/Sept/2017 21:26 - Strange people tried to sell me brand new $800 phones and tablets for like $5 - $20 a piece

Today at the bus stop there was some guy spazzing out and some guy was talking to him as he was spazzing. I looked over for a while because curiosity and the guy who was talking to the guy spazzing out yelled something at me like "whatchu lookin at!?" I promptly looked away after a while he approached me and apologized and offered me a cigarette which I declined. Then out of his ripped and torn bag he started pulling expensive phone and tablets which had retail prices around $500 - $800 each. It looked like he was carrying about 30 of them in that bag of his. He first started talking about how cool they were and how he bought them off of craigslist for like $80 each or something like that. It seemed he was really desperate to get rid of them and he kept offering lower and lower prices trying to sell them to me. Finally he said I could take a few for free which I also declined to which he replied "you're weird man, if you aren't into them you could just sell em". Then the bus showed up he also got on the bus but then got off one stop later for some reason (he was at the stop before me so idk why he would take the bus from one stop to the other).

21/Sept/2017 14:38 - First post!

Gonna try writing what I did each day and my general thoughts.. I finally hacked my 1st gen PS3 with a teensy++ 2.0 and a 360clip

a teensy++ 2.0 soldered to a custom pcb

now I can just download games for PS3 PS2 and PS1 and play them no problems whatsoever I really want my own server so I can run a chan, stream music, have a remote torrent download interface, have a NAS to stream games to my PS3, etc. also now that I'm commuting to school I am reading ebooks (on a kobo aura H2O) - right now its mein kampf stalag edition. (too bad its not charged i need to charge it!) I learned just how important slaves were in the development of the civilization and the technology we have all around us today. THANKS SLAVES! Today I also really need to clean up my room cause its a horrible mess. When I get home gonna refresh my hiragana.

This week's online shopping list:

  • A new hard drive for my 6th gen Ipod classic
  • a new screen for my second gen Ipod classic
  • some screws & washers for my butterfly knives
  • a new mechanical keyboard
  • the book fun with a pencil by Andrew Loomis