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  • I really dislike marxist gender ideology and how it has taken over the west.
  • I am 100% anti-science. As in science is not truth, it just consists of mental models.
  • I don't believe in God or anything else for that matter. All belief is foolish. I am not "atheist".
  • A person doesn't need to believe anything when they can actually know things, the Truth doesn't require your belief.
  • Viruses are not real. I consider anyone who has taken the vaccine essentially walking dead. I refuse all injections, tests, etc.
  • Pretty much all modern medicine is bad for you.
  • 100% anti-school. Schooling even with the best intentions will innevitably turn into brainwashing one way or another.
    You can't force anyone to learn anything, only parrot back a bunch of useless garbage.
  • school shootings are somewhat justified, the gun legislation they bring about isn't
  • Everyone should 3D Print an FGC-9 MKII especially with these mods and this magazine
  • I wish the bioweapon nanoparticle spraying programs would stop.
  • I hate cellphones, "apps", cell towers, etc. I don't own a cellphone.
  • I hate the electromagnetic and electric pollution caused by modern technology. Read the invisible rainbow
  • I hate how technology is catering to the lowest common denominator, therefore making the lowest common denominator even more common.
  • I hate how the internet has become so centralized.
  • I hate how plastics are used and the waste they generate.
  • I hate "multiculturalism" and miscegenation.
  • Society is purely a product of biology, you cannot impose a system upon a people who are biologically incompatible with the system.
    In the same way you can't impose laws against barking and tailwagging in a society of dogs who are biologically prone to tail wagging and barking.
    If you want to change society change the biology which created it.
  • Oppression doesn't exist because you don't exist, how can something which doesn't exist be oppressed or a victim?
  • I think fist of the north star/road warrior situation minus desert wasteland would be far better than what exists now.
  • Most "problems" promoted by the media are not real problems. (for example: climate change, 3rd world poverty, disease, etc.)
  • Most entertainment has become completely boring and empty to me, i.e. videogames, youtube, tv shows, etc.
  • I don't care about making money. I can hardly muster enough drive to do anything.
  • The future seems completely hopeless and empty to me. Nothing I do feels fullfilling or worthwhile.
  • I'll just sit around and wait for death I guess, see how things play out.
  • My only hope:

    There's only one thing I can do and that is to die internally before I physically die externally.
    This consists of two things, flow state and insight practice.
    Flow state is the state of hyper focus that high performance athletes get into.
    their mind is so completely absorbed by the activity or object of focus that extraneous thinking disappears.
    practicing flow state involves focusing deeply on something and not getting swept away by intrusive extraneous thoughts.
    And after all extraneous thoughts disappear focusing so deeply that no other experience except the object of focus arises.
    The object of focus can be a prayer, or the breath sensations, or a physical object, or a particular sensation,
    or a mental image of your favorite touhou character, sacred geometry, a color, etc. so long as the object is more or less stable.

    insight practice involves experientially realizing 3 aspects of reality:
    The first is realizing directly through experience that every sensation lasts an indefinitely small duration of time,
    that at the exact same time a sensation appears it disappears.
    The second is realizing that since nothing lasts any time whatsoever, all experiential content is inherently dissatisfactory and empty.
    The third is realizing that there is no constant or center of experience, or at least that center is not an experience.

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